All Time Favorite Documentaries

The Future of Food and Food, Inc.

A lot of people ask me how they can learn more about plant-based eating and in particular, the environmental and economical impact of the way we are told it is normal to eat in our culture. These two documentaries are not about veganism per se, but they do delve into the history and mechanics of factory farming and they are both excellent introductions into the intricate world of the Food and Drug Administration and how it impacts the things that we are told are normal. These are not documentaries designed to scare people into being vegan. Rather, they are designed to educate you about the economic history of why we eat the way we do and how it impacts our lives.

Eating You Alive

This documentary focuses on medical issues people all over the country have with an exploration of how plant-based eating saved their lives. There are people who were essentially given a death sentence who are now living and thriving. Samuel Jackson is featured in this documentary along with some other prominent vegans such as Penn (of Penn & Teller) and James and Suzi Cameron.

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