Important Songs

Hold On by Neko Case

Neko Case is another artist I discovered when my kids were young. Having been out of the college indie music scene, I was afraid that as a young mom I would never discover cool music again. Then I discovered Neko Case and this was the first song I ever heard by her. Her voice is so powerful and her combination of country twang, storytelling, and her ability to make you feel like she’s singing every song for me made me instantly fall in love with her. Every one of her albums is profound for me.

Shelter From The Storm by Bob Dylan

I was raised to love Bob Dylan and my father would sing me his songs and lullabies when I was a child. This is a great example of Bob Dylan’s mastery with words and with music. This is a song with no chorus, only a refrain, and it is truly one of my favorites.

First Kiss by They Might Be Giants

One of my all-time favorite bands is They Might Be Giants and while I love all of their albums and it is very hard to pick a favorite. This song off of the album Mink Car is uncharacteristically simple and beautiful. Anyone who has ever had a first kiss will appreciate this song I think.

All Over Now by Eric Hutchinson

I discovered Eric Hutchinson when my kids were young and I assumed that he was a 70-year-old African-American man. Then I saw a picture of him and I discovered that he was a scrawny redhead and that made his voice even more startlingly deep and rich. The album Sounds Like This is a perfect album in my opinion and this song is my favorite, mostly because of the bridge.

Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison

“Tupelo Honey” is one of the songs my dad loved and played so much in my childhood. Van Morrison has a truly emotionally evocative voice and this song is one of pure love.

Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum

“Whiter Shade of Pale” is one of those songs that I always seem to hear at incredibly meaningful times in my life. The organ is haunting and unmistakably emotional and while the lyrics don’t particularly touch me, there is something about the way they are sung combined with the music that makes this one of the most important songs in my life.

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