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With a minor degree in Hebrew and Jewish studies, I know a lot about World War II and the Holocaust. I have read a lot of books and I have seen a lot of movies, but this one stands out. Defiance is the story of the Polish resistance in the forest of the region where my family name comes from, Bialystok. Many people do not know about the active resistance against the Nazis and this movie is a really exciting story of two brothers who end up saving many because of their bravery.


Gods and Kings: What Ridley Scott did with Gladiator and the Roman era he did just as well with the story of Moses. That’s right, biblical Moses played by Christian Bale. While I was not so crazy about the portrayal of God as an ornery child, I love this take on the historical basis for the biblical plagues and I also really dig the notion of Moses as a renegade bad ass. The visual of the Red Sea parting is pretty much exactly what my childhood fantasy of that miracle is. I make my boys watch this every Passover.


People are surprised that my favorite movie of all time is this Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe masterpiece known as Gladiator. It is the story of a soldier called to greatness to fight his demons and his fiercest enemies. There’s pretty much nothing that I dislike about this movie. I love the costumes, I love the scenery, I love the message, the friendship, the fighting, and the romance. I could watch this movie every day and die a happy woman.

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