My Favorite People on YouTube

Rhett & Link

I first met Rhett and Link because our children were homeschooled together and I heard that they were YouTube stars. I looked them up and realized that they were extremely famous and popular YouTube stars and my sons and I became hooked on their videos. These guys have been friends since elementary school and their friendship is adorable to watch. And while they tend to make me laugh until I cry, they also make me think and view the world in a different way through their humor and adventure.

Vlog Brothers: Hank & John

My foray into the world of YouTube was literally inspired by John and Hank Green. While I am a fan of John’s writing as an author, I have been so motivated to join the world of YouTube because of the impact these two men have made. Not only are they hilarious and smart beyond all comprehension, their Project for Awesome has raised millions of dollars. I cannot thank these men enough or watch enough of their videos!

Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart

These two women have inspired me for years through their YouTube and social media presence. These are the kind of women I wish I knew in junior high and high school because I would’ve felt a lot less alone knowing they existed. Grace in particular has done so much to move the needle on conversations of mental health and she is both sophisticated and dorky and elegant and goofy all at the same time. I had the pleasure of appearing on Grace and Mamrie’s show and it was possibly one of my favorite hours of my life. Kudos to these awesome trailblazing women.

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