My Kids' Picks

The Neverending Story

This is one of the movies I have seen the most in my life. It never gets old and I always find something new to love. We follow the story of a boy whose mother has just died who loves to get lost in books and he is given a book that he literally gets lost in. He follows the journey of another boy as he tries to save the planet from destruction. While the special effects may not seem as sophisticated as kids are used to, this is a classic movie of fantasy and adventure which every child should experience.

Mary Poppins (the original)

I don’t tend to be a person who likes musicals but the original “Mary Poppins” is one of those movies that I would take with me if I was stuck on a desert island. While the newer “Mary Poppins” is, I am sure, wonderful, you cannot copy the original with Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews.

Pete’s Dragon (the original)

The Original “Pete’s Dragon” came out when I was a very young child and it was and remains one of my favorite movies of all time. It is the story of an orphan boy with an invisible dragon named Elliot. Many people try and take advantage of this child but he ends up finding comfort with a single woman who takes care of her elderly father. This woman is played by Helen Reddy who literally has the voice of an angel. The movie has really catchy music and it is a delightful exploration of the power of imagination and love.

Satisfying videos

If you have never Googled a satisfying video, now is the time to do it. My kids and I could literally watch these videos all day. They typically have a groovy soundtrack and they show incredibly satisfying things such as cakes being frosted and things being cut with perfect uniformity. If you have any sort of meticulous aspect to your personality you will especially love these videos.

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